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Digital KC NOW is an initiative that brings broadband internet access and the educational support needed to utilize the internet and its resources to neighborhoods while building a community of knowledge workers.

Broadband equity and connectivity are essential in community infrastructure

therefore this project will bring internet point-to-point service where it does not exist today. The City of Kansas City supports the initiative to provide equitable internet access and technology-focused education to underserved communities where there is a disparity on physical wired connections and an understanding of how to use the internet. The 3rd District community of Kansas City will act as a pilot for the initiative.  


Through Digital KC NOW

educating people on how to use the internet is key to improving lives: access to healthcare and education, enhancing business performance, and raising the area’s median household income. The ability to utilize the internet affects people’s access to education, career opportunities, remote work, public health information, and up-to-date news and therefore is an important part of this program.

aSTEAM Village

will hire, train and mentor a workforce from the community to create knowledge workers right here locally in the 3rd District. In fact, aSTEAM Village’s RedTails program is an essential component of the digital workforce team. A knowledgeable population has greater earning capabilities, financial stability, and public health outcomes. Using technically trained citizens of the 3rd District, means the community will lead the charge of education, healthcare and workforce development for the participation in the 21st Century economy.

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